Grupo Nelson QuintasGrupo Nelson Quintas




Foundation of the Quintas&Quintas Electric Rope Factory.

1940 - 1960

Start of the manufacture of Steel Cables, Aluminium Cables, Synthetic Wires and Cables.


Francisco Quintas, CEO of Quintas&Quintas, is decorated with the Order of Merit in Industry by the then President, Américo Tomás.


Participation in the Cahora-Bassa Dam construction project


The death of the decorated entrepreneur, Francisco Quintas, founder of Quintas&Quintas.
His son, Nelson Quintas, becomes CEO of Quintas&Quintas.


Acquisition of the CABELTE industrial plant for the manufacture of electrical and telephone cables.


Partnership as the largest shareholder of PORTGÁS and SETGÁS for the construction, operation, and distribution of Natural Gas in Porto and Lisbon.


Construction of the FIBOPE industrial plant for the manufacture of flexible packaging films.
Acquisition of the SOLIDAL industrial plant for the manufacture of electrical and aluminium cables.


Carrying out of several public works in partnership with the French company Spie Batignolles: construction of the Rossio train station and the Gare do Oriente/Marquês de Pombal metro line; construction of the fuel storage facilities in Aveiras de Cima; extension of the runway at Funchal/Madeira Airport.
Nelson Quintas is decorated with the Order of Merit in Industry by the then President, Mário Soares.

1993 - 1994

  Construction of the CABELAUTO industrial plant for the manufacture of cables for automobiles.
  Construction of TURBOGÁS, with the aim of developing the natural gas combined cycle plant in Tapada do Outeiro.


The decorated entrepreneur, Nelson Quintas, is no longer the head of the family company, Quintas & Quintas, and sets up the Grupo Nelson Quintas (Nelson Quintas Group), remaining with the Industry sector (Cabelte, Cabelauto, Fibope); Natural Gas (Portgás and Setgás), and Real Estate (Nelson Quintas Imobiliária, S.A.).


Setting up of Nelson Quintas Telecomunicações do Brasil for the construction of a fiber optic telecommunications network in the State of Rio de Janeiro.
  Construction of the CABELTE and CABELAUTO industrial plants for the manufacture of electrical cables in Brazil.
  Acquisition of the INCASA industrial plant for the manufacture of power cables in Spain.


The decorated entrepreneur Nelson Quintas dies, with the Nelson Quintas Group being led by his son, Jorge Nelson Quintas, and his son-in-law, Adalberto Neiva de Oliveira.


  Construction of ECODEAL, a hazardous industrial waste treatment plant, in Chamusca, in partnership with FCC and Quimitécnica.


Jorge Nelson Quintas becomes CEO of the Nelson Quintas Group, disposes of the business areas related to the production of Cables, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications and reinforces investments in Real Estate, Insurance, Industry, Hospitality and Leisure.

2013 - 2015

Construction and opening of the “Hotel Vincci Porto”, in the rehabilitated building “Bolsa do Pescado”

2017 - 2022

Construction and opening of Tourist Apartments, “S.Bento Residences”, Porto
Acquisition of Estela Golf Course (18 holes), Póvoa de Varzim
Construction and opening of the Office Building “ZEP 860” and Public Parking (175 spaces), Porto
New ongoing project: Hotel “Palácio do Carmo” 5*, Porto


The Nelson Quintas Group intends to build up its image as a dynamic business group by diversifying investments so as to be at the forefront of technical and economic evolution in the global village which the world has become.


Generating means that allow for both adequate earnings on their investments and a continuation of sustainable development, guaranteeing the organization’s future in the short, medium, and long term.
Valuing its employees, personally and professionally, allowing them to benefit from the organization’s growth.
Clearly positioning itself as an organization that contributes to the development of the country, both through the quality of its initiatives and for their direct consequences on national economic growth.


Respecting and valuing the individual person;
Ethics in business and human behaviour;
Openness and support for innovation and change;
Interaction with the surrounding social environment;
Being part of the surrounding physical environment;
Preservation and respect for the environment;
Essence of collaboration and negotiation;
Openness to partnership relations;
Defense of Culture and National Interests.
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